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One/Two Sided Lamination

With almost 30 years of lamination experience, you can be assured your print job will be done right the first time. Our inventory of more than 40 film laminates in multiple widths has enhanced many point-of-purchase displays, and put the shine on hundreds of annual reports, books, menus and marketing materials for years.

There are three types of lamination:

Polypropylene (OPP) is the most widely used film laminating material in the world. Its physical properties make it easy to work with in a variety of applications. OPP provides a high degree of gloss and excellent clarity.

Polyester (sometimes referred to as "Mylar, which is a trade name of DuPont) is another popular choice. Polyester (PET) is somewhat more durable and scuff resistant than polypropylene so it's often the choice when ultimate in protection is required. This added durability tranlates into a higher price for PET over OPP.

Nylon, a relatively new addition to the family of available film substrates, is the basis for NON-CURLING film lamination products. Ideal for perfect bound covers or other applications where curl can not be tolerated, the "memory" of nylon film simply doesn't allow curl to occur, even in the most humid environments.

All come in Gloss, Matte or Satin


One Side (1/S) Lamination: Book covers, presentation folders, posters, box wraps, dist jackets, write-on/write-off materials and POP displays

Two Side (2/S) Lamination: Phone cards, memo boards, counter mats, manuals, index tabs, map books and retail product catalogs

Job Parameters:

• Sheet sizes from 10” X 13” to 40” X 55” for 1/S application
• Sheet sizes from 2” X 3.5” to 40” X 55” for 2/S application
• Gloss or matte film from 1.2 mil up to 10 mil
• 80 lb to 24 point stock
• Edge sealed or flush cut

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